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You have decided that you are ready and can finally take the initial steps to buying a home.

And the first big question… “Do I need a real estate agent to help me buy a house?” No you do not, but beware; it could be very time consuming and it could also be very dangerous. There are a very large number of inquiries to be made when purchasing a home and documents to be signed. Also, some homeowners do not feel comfortable negotiating terms and price directly with the purchaser. Plus you have no one, except you of course; to protect your interests and help you avoid the many pitfalls you may encounter.

Some Advantages

  • Your Realtor is your agent via a Buyer Agency Agreement, looking after your interests with full disclosure as well as complete confidentiality.
  • Your Realtor will provide assistance with every step of your purchase, never taking it for granted that you know the in’s and out’s.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of home and the market whether buying (producing competitive listing for you to choose from) or selling (producing a market analysis).
  • Your Realtor will help you make your wish list, feature that are most important to you when buying a house, (ex. Ensuite or 2 car garage or rec room or large yard, etc.) don’t compromise, it’s a lot of money to spend on an investment you regret later.
  • Negotiating experience when you find that perfect house.
  • Extensive knowledge of financial and legal requirements by recognizing potential hurdles early and having the resources to get back on track.

*Connect with one of our trained professionals who can explain the many benefits of having a realtor on your side at no cost to you.




Ok you have thought long and hard and decided that for whatever reason or reasons it is in fact time to sell your home and make a change.

Given that this is the initial entry into our brand new website I asked myself… “What is the best basic information that I could provide to these folks?”

Well after 45+ years of eatin’ and sleepn’ and breathe’n the residential real estate business I truly believe that, in spite of that location, location, location thing, the absolute most important factor is actually “price, price, price.” Think about this…

Decide what is the ugliest home that you can think of, perhaps right beside the train tracks, and drive by it at night… that’s right, there are lights on. Somebody either loved it or they saw good value in it!

So let’s talk about “Your Property’s Value” and what does and does not determine it.

What does determine it's value?

  • The current market place
  • Competing properties available to buyers
  • Available financing
  • The buyers perception of the homes condition and appeal
  • The general economic condition in the area
  • What buyers have been willing to pay for like properties
  • It’s Location

What does not determine it's value?

  • What you have invested in the home
  • What you need or want out of the property
  • A bank or tax appraisal
  • The home assessment
  • What you heard your neighbours home sold for
  • Its insured value
  • The cost of the home you want to buy

As your Coldwell Banker Real Estate professional will tell you, the best way to sell your home quickly and at top dollar, is to create buyer demand. You do that by pricing your home at close to its expected selling price and then just watch buyer interest heat up! You many even find yourself in the enviable position where buyers are competing for your property. As the seller of a property that’s in high demand, you’ll have the luxury of choosing the right offer, no mistake about it!

In summary, homes that are priced correctly at the beginning of the marketing process usually sell for the best possible price and with the fewest inconveniences.

Connect with one of our trained professionals to help determine correctly your homes true “Market Value.”

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