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So my big question was… So what is a blog?

Well apparently it is supposed to be a short “essay” on a topic that I know something about – perhaps informative, perhaps interesting, perhaps even a little entertaining. Well writing is not really in my wheelhouse but as the Broker of this company it sort of fell on me anyway so here goes.

My first stumbling block was to simply decide what I would actually write about. The thing I kept thinking about was the simple evolution of the real estate industry as I know it… beginning in 1969. For example there were no computers, no fax machines, no pagers or cell phones, no printers, no scanning, no emailing, no MLS catalogues, no R.E.C.O., no caller ID and no Century 21, no Remax, no Royal Lepage, no Sutton Group, yes there was Coldwell Banker but only in the US.. not yet in Canada. What we did have though was carbon paper and rotary dial phones. Ahhh, forgot about those huh?

In future “Blogs” I will talk about some others but to begin with, how about my personal favorite, “beepers.” Now there is evolution, beginning with why they were called beepers in the first place. I think I got my first one in 1971 or 1972 and when activated all it did was go “beep, beep”- hence the name. Upon hearing that signal during office hours you would call the office, perhaps from a readily available phone booth (seen one lately?) and call back to the office for your message. After hours you would likely have your spouse “beep” you and you would call them for the message. As time went on the beeper learned to talk and you could get an actual voice message from a dispatcher. Not very private and many times more than just a little embarrassing - “Don’t forget to bring home the milk and bread.”

Perhaps next time I will talk about the history of car phones… their birth, their life, and their extinction.

A great many things have changed in 45 years.

But one thing that remains the same is the fact that our business was , still is and always will be built around customer service. Our success here at Coldwell Banker Advantage is totally dependent on our ability to provide our clients with a level of service that is second to none.

Our outstanding staff is well aware of that and takes great pride in the quality of service and results that they achieve.

Until next time… thanks for reading.

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