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How Times Have Changed

Yesterday I attended a celebration lunch for a wonderful lady who has just retired after +/- 35 years in this real estate industry . I was fortunate to be sitting at a table with a couple of my oldest friends in the business and of course you know what happened . That’s right , the conversation turned to reminiscing about the “ good old days “ and of course the many ways that our business has changed .  To begin let me just say that this couple have been married for over 40 years and we laughed about how in 1974 we were attending our Ontario Real Estate Association convention in Ottawa and when the evening work was done we went downtown to see  the new  movie “ Earthquake “ starring Lorne Green , Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner . All I remember was that when the quake started with that loud , loud rumble I thought the old theatre that we were in was about to come down around us . Wow , talk about realistic !
In the course of our lunch we discussed many facets etc. about the industry that have changed over the years…some of course for the better but also some others that , well let’s just say that we were not so sure . When I asked them what change had the most impact on their daily business functions…..they both immediately declared , the fax machine . Many people outside of the industry would , I think , choose the computer . Now , while there is no question that the computer has had a tremendous impact , I believe that when I tell you the story that this individual related to me , you will totally understand why we all chose the fax machine . As most of our stories do these days it started with the words “ I remember “ .  He recalled a night many years ago when he secured an offer to purchase for a listing that he shared 50/50 with another sales rep in his office . Given that the property owner lived in Toronto and his partner on the listing was not available , it fell on him to get in his car and make that 90 minute ( each way ) trip to see the client and secure his signature of acceptance . He did that and the transaction proceeded to closing a few weeks later .  The best part is that sale was for $ 18000.00 . That’s right EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS . So here’s the math….$ 18000 @ 6% =$ 1080 divided in half with the office who actually brought the offer , and then his half divided in half again with his Brokerage , and then divided in half again with his partner on the listing . OMG , what will they do with all that money ? Did you figure it out ? Well his share , his paycheque , was  a tidy $ 135.00 !! I wonder of course what he might have given for a fax machine that night . Believe me , I could totally relate to his story , having been in similar situations many times myself . 
The point to this story beside the obvious , lack of a fax machine , is that then ,  as now the success and/or failure of a Realtor is tied most securely to the level of service that he/she is prepared to supply to their clients. That is why I am very proud of my sales staff , many of whom have received or will in the next few weeks receive recognition for the outstanding service which they have provided to their clientele . I also think it needs to be mentioned that these  “ Ultimate Service “ awards are not given by myself or even by Corporate office BUT are voted on by the clients themselves .
At Coldwell Banker Advantage our goal was never to be the biggest company but rather the BEST and we believe that in 2016 we will prove once again that bigger does not necessarily mean better .
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